Cloud Services

In simple terms. Cloud is like having virtual hardware. e.g. a virtual harddrive where you can save your files, and what is best about this you can access your files from anywhere with an internet connection, just like you do with your emails, The difference is with this you will be able to download and upload files as large as 5GB. or use them online no need to download them.

We have a cloud a solution for all companies. No matter the size or the need.

Advantages of using Cloud Serices

  • Like mentioned above. Access from anywhere
  • Easy way to share with Team
  • Peace of mind (You do not need to worry about losing your hardware or viruses)
  • Unlimited/Flexible Storage
  • No worries about Maintanace
  • No electricity Bills
  • You save alot of money
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MAODI Technologies is a Global Information Technology Services provider to enterprises, government, institutions, consumers & technology companies.


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